Clear Aligner

Reasons to Get Clear Aligner Therapy

Here are some reasons that you may want to see Dr. Todd here at Ehrler Orthodontics for Clear Aligners.

Clear Aligners are comfortable

These are made up of smooth plastic causing less irritation than the traditional braces that are made up of metal. It doesn’t harm the gums and cheeks. These are comfortable to wear and most patients adjust to new trays within a couple days of starting them.

Less food restrictions

Clear aligners are much less restrictive when it comes to diet, as they are removable for eating. You can still eat hard and sticky foods and carbonated beverages. Traditional braces have a lot more food restrictions. You will want to be careful to remove trays when drinking anything that may stain your trays and also when drinking hot liquids.

Raises Self-Confidence

Clear aligners improve confidence by improving straightening your teeth and not affecting the appearance during treatment the way traditional braces do. The appearance of Clear Aligners is preferred by many patients who may feel embarrassed in front of others while smiling or talking with metal braces. Mostly, the transparent look of the aligners make them much less noticeable to others. Having straight and healthy teeth can really help you feel more confident.

Improves Alignment Problems

Various alignment problems can be resolved by clear Aligners such as;
● Gapped teeth
● Overbite
● Underbite
● Open Bite
● Crossbite

Short Treatment Time

The treatment time is short but varies from adults to youngsters. For adults, on average treatment can vary from 6 months to 18 months, depending on the complexity of your teeth. To speed up the process, accelerated orthodontic treatments can also be utilized with aligners, to shorten the overall treatment time.

Advanced Technology

Aligners are designed in a customized way specifically for each patient’s mouth. It utilizes the latest 3D technology to create the three dimensional structure of the mouth. A complete step by step plan for the treatment is made. Impressions and X-rays are taken for accurate and precise measurements. The images and relevant information is shared with our lab to manufacture the aligners. The process of getting aligners takes a few weeks.

Spaces or Crowding Between Teeth

Many children and adults have the issue of wrong teeth spacing. Either their teeth are very crowded, or they are spaced far apart. Both situations are not good, as crowded teeth can feel uncomfortable and teeth spaced very far apart can cause food to get stuck between the spaces. Having teeth that are properly spaced apart helps with creating an attractive and healthy smile. You can ask our certified orthodontist Dr. Todd Ehrler if clear teeth aligner treatment is appropriate for you or your child.Going to an orthodontist at an early age can help address these issues before they become more difficult to treat. Even as an adult you can still address these issues by receiving orthodontic treatment but the earlier you start the better.


Hopefully, by now, you are well aware of some of the situations in which you should seek an orthodontist. Always take care of your oral and orthodontic health to have a healthy smile. If you’d like to seek orthodontic care please come into our clinic in either Rialto or Redlands. Clear aligners are a wonderful option for individuals that don’t want to wear traditional braces. Come see us today and find out if clear aligners are a good option for you.

Frequently asked Questions

Why do people get Clear Aligners?
Clear aligners are a great choice for individuals that are wanting straight teeth but are not interested in wearing metal braces on their teeth.

Who is a good candidate for Clear Aligners?
People having crooked teeth, spaced teeth, crowded teeth, cross bite, overbite, and underbite are potential candidates for clear aligners.

Do clear aligners work for everyone?
This treatment option is for both adults and teens but in some cases braces or other options might be a better option. Factors like age, commitment to process, and severity of case affect the process.


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