Clear Aligners in Rialto, CA


What We Offer

We offer all-encompassing services for your orthodontic issues that help you turn your dream smile into a reality

Clear Aligners

This is a great option for patients who do not want traditional metal braces. We use advanced technology to make sure our patients get the best smile possible. To see if you're a good candidate for clear aligner treatment, contact us today!

Remote Aligners

If you are looking for clear aligners and would like to see if you are eligible for our remote treatment options, schedule an appointment today. If you qualify we can plan and adjust your treatment remotely and mail your aligners directly to you.

Transform Your Smile With Clear Aligner Treatment in Rialto, CA

At Ehrler Orthodontics, we are clear aligner specialists. Clear aligners are now a popular choice among orthodontic patients, due to their many benefits; including being comfortable, easy to remove for eating, aesthetic, discreet, easy to clean, and less time needed for making adjustments.

We Are Experts In Clear Aligner Orthodontic Treatment in Rialto, CA

Ehrler Orthodontics has helped thousands of patients obtain the smile they’ve always wanted. We utilize the most advanced technology, such as in-office intraoral scanning and 3D printing. This allows us to offer the most affordable and cost-effective clear aligner orthodontic treatment that both saves you time and money.


What Our Patients Say

Justin Holmby
Justin Holmby
21. June, 2017.
Best ortho in socal
Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia
24. May, 2017.
I love them! They treat their patients like family I've grown strong relationships with them! Not to mention I have a beautiful smile. I strongly refer you here. ❤️
Paloma Llanos
Paloma Llanos
18. April, 2017.
Ehrler Orthodontics is a great place. Family-friendly, clean, and caring. I have been a patient for over a year. I am happy with the results.

My teeth treatment journey with Ehrler Orthodontics went great. My treatment was almost painless, and I highly recommend that orthodontics patients consult with Ehrler Clinics to get the best results regarding teeth treatment and value for money.

Kristin Watson


It was my first time with Ehrler Clinics in Riverside Ave, Rialto, and I was very impressed by how comfortable and amazing the ambiance inside. The whole staff was very friendly, and from the end of the procedure, the Ehrler staff made me feel I had chosen the right dentist spot for my teeth treatment. 

Annette Black


The clinic was very clean, and the whole staff was very professional and treated me in a highly professional way. They made my teeth treatment painless and minimized the risk of discomfort. Overall I recommend this clinic for all your dental needs.

Eleanor Pena



Dr. Todd is now using Propel technology to speed up treatment time. Propel is done during your regular office visit and allows you to have fewer appointments. For more information on Propel please click here.