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Metal braces are one of the most traditional treatment options for straightening teeth. Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of medical grade alloy, metal braces straighten your teeth using metal brackets and archwires. You can add colored elastics (rubber bands) with metal braces for a more unique and colorful smile. The type of metal brackets we use is the Mini Sprint Brackets by Forestadent USA. Forestadent USA’s innovative products are known around the globe for precision, dependability, and comfort.

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Dr. Todd

Meet Dr. Todd from our Care Team, a highly competent and inspiring personality in the field of orthodontic care, research, and education at Ehrler Orthodontics. He has achieved remarkable success throughout his career due to his determination, resilience, and caring attitude.

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Benefits of Metal Braces For You in Rialto, CA

Metal braces are very effective and the simplest way to straighten your teeth. If you are looking to get the most affordable braces treatment, then come to Ehrler Orthodontics. Although it is the most common type of treatment, every individual has their own treatment plan. If you want to align your teeth and are looking for the most budget-friendly option, then look no further and book your appointment with us. We offer affordable interest-free payment plans. You can trust our highly qualified and professional staff. We will give you a smile you love and improve your dental health.


What Our Patients Say

Justin Holmby
Justin Holmby
21. June, 2017.
Best ortho in socal
Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia
24. May, 2017.
I love them! They treat their patients like family I've grown strong relationships with them! Not to mention I have a beautiful smile. I strongly refer you here. ❤️
Paloma Llanos
Paloma Llanos
18. April, 2017.
Ehrler Orthodontics is a great place. Family-friendly, clean, and caring. I have been a patient for over a year. I am happy with the results.

My teeth treatment journey with Ehrler Orthodontics went great. My treatment was almost painless, and I highly recommend that orthodontics patients consult with Ehrler Clinics to get the best results regarding teeth treatment and value for money.

Kristin Watson


It was my first time with Ehrler Clinics in Riverside Ave, Rialto, and I was very impressed by how comfortable and amazing the ambiance inside. The whole staff was very friendly, and from the end of the procedure, the Ehrler staff made me feel I had chosen the right dentist spot for my teeth treatment. 

Annette Black


The clinic was very clean, and the whole staff was very professional and treated me in a highly professional way. They made my teeth treatment painless and minimized the risk of discomfort. Overall I recommend this clinic for all your dental needs.

Eleanor Pena


You’ll Love Your Smile With Our Metal Braces Treatment in Rialto, CA

We have state-of-the-art technology and highly trained staff that help make your orthodontic journey as painless as possible and minimize the risk of further dental issues due to poor tooth alignment. Each treatment plan is highly personalized for each patient to obtain the greatest outcome for their specific case. We always go the extra mile to make sure you get the smile you’ve always wanted.