Benefits of having braces

Benefits of having braces

Benefits of having braces

We are often asked what are some of the benefits of having braces. Having straight beautiful teeth may seem important on an aesthetic level. What most patients don’t know prior to being educated on braces is that having our teeth in the correct position means that teeth can function for a longer amount of time.

Braces aren’t just to make beautiful smiles, they affect many aspects of a person’s life. The alignment of our teeth can affect our health, the confidence we feel inside, and how we function day to day.

Crowded or misaligned teeth are hard to clean and maintain and can result in tooth decay, worsen gum disease and lead to tooth loss. Other orthodontic problems can contribute to abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing function, excessive stress on gum tissue and the bone that supports the teeth, or misalignment of the jaw joints. These can lead to chronic headaches and face or neck pain.

For some patients, another benefit of having braces is an improvement in eating. Patients with tooth issues may experience difficulty biting and chewing food. As a result, they may experience digestion or nutrition issues. Difficulty biting and chewing may also cause pain and discomfort while eating. Straight teeth may help alleviate these eating issues.

A beautiful and healthy smile is within your reach! If you would like to inquire about treatment and financial options contact Ehrler Orthodontics. We have 3 locations to serve you.

  1. Ashley 5 years ago

    I like how you mention that braces can help people with eating their food if they’ve been experiencing some trouble with biting or chewing. My daughter has been resisting having her teeth straightened with braces, and I have been wondering how to convince her it’s a good idea. Since she has some issues with chewing her food, maybe I can finally convince her to do it.

  2. Amanda 5 years ago

    I didn’t realize that how your teeth are aligned can affect your health. My son’s teeth are a little crooked, but it’s not too bad. I was wondering if I should get him braces, but since you point out that crooked teeth can affect health. I’ll have to find somewhere for him to get braces from.

  3. Caden 4 years ago

    I’ve never had braces and I do think it would be a good time to get them. As you said here, crowded teeth are difficult to clean and I wouldn’t want to risk any kind of dental disease due to that. I’ll probably look into having them done by a dentist here soon.

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